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One validation lead's mission: Ensuring best-in-class reliability of Chrome OS running on Intel

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We caught up with Prathyushi Nangia who is the Validation Lead for Chrome OS at Intel.  Her and her team help bring quality to Intel-based Chromebooks. She shares with us what makes her work so challenging and how she has been able to try so many things in her career.

Tell me a little about what you do.

In a nutshell, myself and my team, are responsible for the quality of the IA based Chromebooks. To meet that goal, we keep our test coverage current and relevant by assessing if we have the appropriate test coverage for a product with newer drivers, features, etc.

How do you feel like you are making an impact at your job?

Our stakeholders have stated they like working with Intel because our validation is very exhaustive which leads to a high-quality product. Because quality plays such a critical aspect in any end product and we do it well, I feel like the work of me and my team helps bring good revenue to the business by both keeping current business as well as helping bring in other business for Intel.

What else fulfills you about your job?

For me there are two areas of fulfillment. The first is knowing that I’m working in a place that is a money-maker for the company. This is very rewarding for me. On a personal level, Chromebooks can be found in almost every classroom in America and it’s good to know that my work had a hand in that.

Tell me about a meaningful experience you had at work?

I was one of the original people to start on Chrome OS validation. It was truly an exciting experience to be among the first people to stand up a potential business for Intel and watching that grow to be the success it is today.

In what way is your work challenging?

The environment moves quickly and so does the industry, and I go from project to project. I have found that each project is presenting me with challenges that I’ve never solved before. I can’t simply rely on what I did on the last project and apply the same solution or methodology to new problems – I effectively have to continuously figure out new solutions in each project I take on which keeps things interesting!

Tell me your career path so far.

I started as a test content developer, then became a validation engineer and now I am the validation lead for my organization. I’ve jumped from many areas in validation which I’m passionate about. I’ve been able to try a lot of different things because I talked to my manager and let them know about what I wanted to explore, and they’ve been mostly supportive in allowing me to explore all these areas.

What are your favorite benefits?

Definitely the bonding leave. Both my husband and I work at Intel took advantage of the bonding leave offered to both of us. We took it together and spent so much quality time with our child in her early months of life. I also love how Intel has a mother’s room.


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