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Perspectives on Allyship

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The Women at Intel Network recently hosted a panel of tech industry executives at our annual summit to speak about allyship.   

What is an ally?  According to Avni Trivedi, VP Global Solutions Consulting at Ellucian, there are three types: Peer Allies, Mentor Allies, and Sponsor Allies, all who have had distinct and important roles in her career.

What does it mean to be an ally?  Jeana Jorgensen, Senior Director for Cloud Product Marketing and Sustainability at Google, says it’s all about making sure other voices are being heard, making others feel included, gaining their perspectives.  She firmly believes allyship leads to better business results.

Erik Day, Senior Vice President of Small Business at Dell, sums up the importance of allyship with a personal example:

“As somebody who started their career 23 years ago as an out gay kid, and now as a senior executive, I think about all those people who championed for me.  Now that I’m in this position of power, it’s my job to pay that forward.”

Hear more in this this video edit, highlighting some of these leaders’ top tips and most meaningful experiences.

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