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Why I Believe Intel is a Great Place to Work: Intel’s Volunteer Programs

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How would you like to learn a new skill as an Intel volunteer, or provide a contribution toward a community organization or your child’s school that would be financially matched by your corporation. Maybe you prefer reading to an elementary school child, helping the elderly, building a school— well these are but a few of the ways that an Intel employee can give back to the community through the Intel Involved Program.

Intel Employees believe that they are fortunate to work at a company that allows its employees to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed. Through these programs individual and groups of employees provide their time, skills, and expertise to support a wide range of community-based programs to organizations and schools throughout the world.

Stacy, an Intel Instructional Designer/Developer with 20 years experience in the education and learning profession shared some of her thoughts on the opportunities to volunteer during National Engineers and Technicians Week, “What could be more fun than judging? Intelians go out to schools and Boys and Girls clubs and get kids excited about math, science and engineering through super fun science demonstrations and experiments. Even if you'd rather stand back and partner with someone, you can participate and it happens at all grade levels. Let me tell you, there is something fun for everyone! So don't miss your opportunity to ‘Get your Geek On’ and rock some science fun with the next generation!!! If you believe in promoting science, reason and critical thought, then get out there and help make it happen!!!” To see more of our employees in action, check out Life at Intel

So you might ask how dedicated we are to the Intel Involved Volunteer Programs. Well in 2008, in honor of Intel’s 40th anniversary, our CEO, Paul Otellini, challenged all Intel employees to collectively give one million hours of volunteer time to our communities? Well, he did…and we gladly accepted. Volunteering and being involved in the community is already ingrained in many Intel employees; it’s great to know that the company stands behind this passion and supports (and amplifies!) our efforts to give back. And regarding the challenge, well we contributed over 1.3 million volunteer hours!! In fact, we were recently recognized by the Points of Light Institute as a one of four recipients of a “2010 Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence” for our “building strong and effective volunteer programs to improve the communities where (we) operate.” How great is that?!

So there you have it, another important reason why I believe Intel is a great place to work is Our Corporate Affairs Intel Involved Programs!! It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the success of these projects, our ability to give back to our communities, to develop our leadership and project management skills, and most important to make a positive difference in communities around the world.

And yes, there are many more reasons why I believe that Intel is a great place to work. Be on the look out for my next blog post!