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Working in Memory: One Project with Limitless Possibilities

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We recently caught up with Ibrahim Sei who works in Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG). NSG works on next generation 3D NAND technology including a new class of memory – Intel Optane – which represents the first major  breakthrough in non-volatile memory in over two decades. We asked Ibrahim what it’s like to work in NSG.

At the most basic level, what do you do as an Engineering Manager in NSG?

 I develop next generation memory technology with Micron, with whom we have a joint development partnership to develop next generation 3D NAND technology.

How do you feel like your job enables you to make an impact?

I feel like this happens in two ways. First, it’s well documented that Intel’s growth strategy centers on advancements in memory. Innovations in memory will have a tremendous impact on cloud computing because you’ll be able to process larger data sets in real time.

Second, the products that we are developing, manufacturing and bringing to the market are in high demand and filling technology gaps that the computing industry needs to address. Moreover, the applications of these innovations are endless: virtual reality to financial fraud detection. So, it’s kind of neat to know that I’m bringing all that to life.

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What’s the culture like in NSG?

It’s highly technical and very fast paced; however, I always feel the culture here provides for effective work-life balance. Moreover, with memory being such a key focus for Intel, I feel like that there is long term career viability here. But the thing I like the most is that I work with a diverse team who are genuinely engaged with and excited about the products we work on.

What’s your take on work-life balance in NSG?

Well, my two favorite benefits are the two-month paid sabbaticals and having the options for a flexible work schedule, so Intel does a pretty good job here.

Finally, what makes NSG different from other groups at Intel?

NSG has a combination of path finding, component research and technology development all in one group which is very different from other Intel’s manufacturing organization. This results in more opportunities for employees to see a broader range of work experience and that is very attractive to most of us who work here.
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