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Authors: Noel Sandberg, Wei Li, Scott Lenker, Chandan Damannagari

Every October the brightest minds in the global AI ecosystem convene at World Summit AI to take on the most compelling challenges in AI and to set the global AI agenda. This year Wei Li, Intel’s VP/GM of AI and Analytics, was onsite to deliver his keynote speech on enabling AI Everywhere with Hardware and Software Accelerators.  

Today’s AI is complex with data often being siloed, resulting in 87% of AI concepts failing to become a reality. Wei argues that what the industry needs now is the software and hardware together to bridge the gap between data and insights. In order to accelerate innovation in AI, that bridge needs to have simplicity and performance to make sure the developers can get their solutions more easily. An open platform, built upon productive tools and framework optimizations, is critical to democratizing AI so that adoption can be accelerated in all industries.  

You can watch his entire keynote speech here. 

While in Amsterdam, Wei Li met with Ronald van Loon, Top Global AI & IoT Influencer, Intel Ambassador & CEO at Intelligent World, to further discuss the ideas behind AI Everywhere. They cover what it is, what kind of components you need, and what the end-to-end requirements of an open ecosystem are.

You can watch the full interview below.

You can read Ronald’s take in his blog post here and we also encourage you to learn more about Intel’s AI software portfolio and the unified oneAPI programming model it is built on.  


About our experts 

Dr. Wei Li is the Vice President and General Manager of AI & Analytics at Intel. After starting his career as a computer scientist for supercomputers, he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and taught Advanced Compiling Techniques at Stanford University. With a passion for technology, strategy, and execution, he has been instrumental in Intel's multi-billion-dollar AI revenue growth. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Ronald van Loon is named by Onalytica as the world's #1 influencer in Data and Analytics, Automation, and the Future Economy (Tech). He is the CEO of Intelligent World and one of the top thought leaders in Data Science and Digital Transformation. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.