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Beewant and Intel®: Pioneering the Future of Multimodal AI

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Beewant is a deep-tech startup and a member of Intel® Liftoff that has its roots in data management and annotation. Spurred by the genAI revolution, they have created a multimodal AI platform that enables enterprises to aggregate, process, and interact with a wide variety of data types, ranging from text and images to videos and audio.

What Sets Beewant Apart

Unlike traditional AI models that are task-specific, Beewant's approach generalizes to a broad variety of tasks necessary for next generation data management. They aim to bring all of an enterprise's data into a unified vector-space and provide a chat-like interface. By unifying data in this way, Beewant provides unprecedented knowledge access, across a huge range of data types, through straightforward natural language interaction.

Harnessing the power of multimodal AI, Beewant acts as a smart decision support system. It generates valuable insights by correlating data across diverse data types, ensuring employees are always updated in real-time. The secure platform also enforces content moderation to guarantee policy compliance. And because it requires minimal training and support, Beewant enables optimal resource allocation.

In short, Beewant is not just another startup; it's a vision for the future of multimodal AI and data management in enterprises: a vision in which data is instantly accessible and intelligible.


Far-reaching Use Cases for Multimodal AI


The use cases for this powerful capability are virtually limitless. Here are just some of the most immediate applications for Beewant’s technology:

Financial services: Market commentary and C-level interviews are increasingly done through videos. The comments made in these videos can have an impact on stocks or commodities. Beewant makes it easier to analyze this data.

Legal Teams: Legal professionals can upload all their documents and easily query for specific law articles or topics, ensuring they have the information they need at their fingertips.

Security Teams: Beewant has the potential to radically simplify the process of reviewing security footage. Users can query specific events or objects within videos, making it easy to raise the alarm on fire detection, traffic jams, crowded areas, fights, or people who need help.

Marketing and Communication: Beewant can even draft emails based on recorded meetings, ensuring communication is swift and accurate.

High-Level Decision Makers: C-level executives can use Beewant to directly request data from various departments, from sales to marketing, and make informed decisions without waiting for lengthy reports.

Research & Science: Every day, over 5000 research papers are published on the topic of AI alone. Researchers can use Beewant to extract insights from that research in their own language.

Travel: By combining visual and linguistic information, Beewant makes it easy to digitally explore new locations, and access important information in the user’s native language.

Real estate: Most real estates are now conducted on video, and Beewant is well placed to disrupt this market. Through a simple natural language interaction with Beewant, users can list and filter amenities and features and get right to what they are looking for, which can trigger a sale more easily.

Beewant & Weaviate: Unlocking the Path to Scale with oneAPI


Through their collaboration with fellow Intel® Liftoff member Weaviate, Beewant have been able to improve the accuracy and scalability of their solution. Weaviate’s vector database has been instrumental in enabling Beewant to provide the instantaneous, multimodal searchability that sets them apart.

This fruitful partnership was formed through the ecosystem and networking opportunities that Intel Liftoff provided. And the success of the collaboration itself was built on the accelerated computing capabilities that both of these startups have been able to leverage through the program.

"One of the best aspects of the program was having the ability to interact with other startups. Over and above the hardware and the experience of the team, we benefited from being part of the whole ecosystem. We’ve been able to develop the Beewant solution so quickly in large part because the ecosystem works so well," said Ahmed Joudad, Beewant CEO.

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Beewant at Intel® Innovation


Beewant's collaboration with Intel® is a testament to their commitment to efficiency and accelerated performance. They have successfully leveraged Intel® hardware, particularly the Intel Developer Cloud and Intel Data Center GPU Max, as well as 4th Generation Xeon Scalable CPUs, to ensure seamless data processing. This collaboration benefits from both CPU and GPU capabilities, allowing for efficient parallelization and speedy data ingestion.

At the upcoming Intel® Innovation event, Beewant is set to showcase their platform's capabilities. The focus of their demo will be to highlight how they aggregate data from various enterprise departments and make it queryable through their system. A demo is also available on Beewant’s website.

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