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Brain Tumor Classification using TensorFlow*: Developer Spotlight

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A brain tumor is the growth of an abnormal mass of tissue or cells in or near the brain. It can also happen in the brain tissue. The size of the brain tumors can be small to large. Due to the noticeable symptoms, brain tumors can be found when they are small. Some brain tumors grow large before they are found. Therefore, classifying brain tumors using deep learning is worthy of examination.

Arnab Kumar Roy, in his blog, proposes a solution for accurately classifying brain tumors using AI Tools, TensorFlow* Optimizations from Intel and Intel® Developer Cloud.

The blog explains the various steps involved in the project:

  1. Preparing the dataset
  2. Data Preprocessing
  3. Model Training
  4. Model Testing

He also highlights how AI tools and Intel® Developer Cloud provides Intel optimized software and hardware flexibility to accelerate AI development. Read more about the project on Medium and GitHub.

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What’s Next?

We encourage you to check out and incorporate Intel’s other AI/ML Framework optimizations and end-to-end portfolio of tools into your AI workflow and learn about the unified, open, standards-based oneAPI programming model that forms the foundation of Intel’s AI Software Portfolio to help you prepare, build, deploy, and scale your AI solutions.

About the Author:

Arnab Kumar Roy is pursuing his bachelor's in computer science and engineering at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology. He is passionate about research in deep learning and machine learning.

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