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  • Podcast host Abigail Hing Wen introduces the new season of Intel's AI Podcast and what to expect from the channel.
AI Podcast

I’m thrilled to share the launch of an exciting new season of guests for Intel’s AI Podcast. Through hosted conversations with some of the world’s foremost experts in artificial intelligence, I’ll be exploring AI applications, implications, ethics, policy and culture. 

We seek to showcase diverse thought leadership and perspectives for a technical space that must be built in a deeply human-centric way, and to build public trust by open communication.

Episodes will release weekly on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud and other podcast directories, as well as be available at

Here is a sneak preview at what’s coming up in the next months: 

The Future of AI

Guest: Andrew Ng, founder of; Founder and CEO of Landing AI; General Partner at AI Fund; Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
Description: Artificial intelligence has so much buzz around it, but only a handful of people understand it as deeply as Andrew Ng. Technologist, teacher, entrepreneur and one of the founders of deep learning in the field, he brings his perspective as a global citizen to his work.

Smart Robots: From the Lab to the World

Guest: Pieter Abbeel, Director of Berkeley Robot Learning Lab, Berkeley AI Research Lab, CEO Covarient 
Description: The world of smart robotics according to one of the world’s leading roboticists. In addition to Pieter’s work at Berkeley, he is the cofounder and CEO of the robotics startup company Covarient, which recently closed a $40M round of investment. 

AI & the Developing World

Guest: Ed Hsu, Sr. Advisor Disruptive Technologies, The World Bank 
Description: Ed Hsu sits at the intersection of one of the world’s oldest problems – global poverty -- and newest solutions – artificial intelligence. How is AI being applied to the developing world, what are the challenges and how can we help?

The Future of Work

Guest: Sandra Rivera, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Intel Corp.
Description: Sandra Rivera describes the accelerating future of work, how AI is helping us identify and retain talent and her own journey into leadership.

“You still today cannot replace human judgment, and the reasoning and creativity and communications skills that experienced professionals have.” -- Sandra Rivera

Data for Black Lives

Guest: Yeshimabeit Milner, Co-Founder Data for Black Lives
Description: How is AI falling short for less represented communities? What are some of the disparate impacts of bias in algorithms and even big data? Where does diversity in AI make a difference? 

Ethical Dilemmas in AI

Guest: Bernhardt Trout, Professor AI & Ethics, Director, Society, Engineering, & Ethics, MIT
Description: A deep dive into tough ethical questions in AI and what students and faculty at MIT are discussing.

Inside Facebook AI 

Guest: Jerome Pesenti, VP of AI, Facebook
Description: A conversation with the head of AI at Facebook on how the world’s largest social media conglomerate uses AI, how it is addressing multimodal and mixed-media content, and how Facebook is solving some of the hardest problems in building intelligent systems.


We will also have a chance to hear from some of our AI Builders partners and ecosystem, including Data Robot, Darwin.AI and ZeroFox.

Thank yous to the following individuals who have helped make this launch possible: Aaron Coltur, Bilepo Scott, Bryan Madden, Arlen Reyes, Bridgette Alexander, Alex Unger, Eric Gardner, Lucinda Henry, Abigail Isles, Janelle Li, Tyler Weeks, Ryan Glaze, Stephanie Padilla, Sandra Rivera and Amir Khosrowshahi.

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Abigail Hing Wen
New York Times Best Selling Author
Intel Data Platforms Evangelist 
AI Podcast Host


About the Podcast:

Intel on AI podcast is relaunching with Abigail Hing Wen as the new host, focusing on interviewing the world’s most interesting AI experts. Previously, the podcast ran for over sixty episodes and featured Intel partners and AI business leaders. 

About the Host:

Abigail Hing Wen is the data platforms tech evangelist for Intel and served as senior director of emerging AI tech. Abigail is the Co-Chair for the Expert Committee on Fairness, Transparency and Accountability at the Partnership on AI, the leading nonprofit coalition founded by Amazon, Facebook, Google, DeepMind, Microsoft, IBM and Apple. 

Abigail is a frequent speaker on AI, with publications in Fortune and Forbes, and has negotiated multibillion dollar deals on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Her novel Loveboat, Taipei debuted on the New York Times best sellers list and was optioned for film. She has been profiled in TV/media with Bloomberg, NBCNews, Entertainment Weekly and Google Talk, and hosted luminaries including Tony-award winning Lea Salonga. She holds a BA from Harvard and JD from Columbia and clerked on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Court.

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