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TECNOSIA OÜ: Spearheading Legal Tech Innovation with AI-Based Multilingual Document Anonymization

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Introducing TECNOSIA OÜ, a standout in the legal tech sector and a member of Intel® Liftoff for AI Startups. This innovative company is spearheading the integration of technology within the legal profession—a field historically slow to embrace change due to cultural, competitive, and economic factors. 

Emerging from a project named CULTEXP Proof of Concept, funded by the European Research Council at the CNRS, University of Paris 1 Sorbonne, TECNOSIA OÜ is reinventing the way legal firms operate.


The Rising Value of Legal Tech

With the global legal tech market valued at
28 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and expected to grow, the sector acknowledges that to stay relevant and competitive, embracing innovation is not just beneficial but necessary. Legal Tech, as a niche yet burgeoning sector, comprises specialist tech start-ups and scale-ups like TECNOSIA OÜ. They provide the critical technology and software enabling firms to offer innovative legal services, underscoring the importance of thinking innovatively and embracing cultural shifts for the benefit of their people, the firm, and clients.


CULTEXP: A Platform for Cultural Expertise in Legal Tech

CULTEXP, a digital platform for the multilingual and cross-jurisdictional management of judgments and expert reports, embodies this innovation. It brings unprecedented know-how in cultural expertise, protected by trademark, and is recognized for its quality and innovation within judicial education and anthropological associations.


Elydor: Modernizing Legal Document Anonymization

TECNOSIA OÜ recently deployed 
Elydor, designed by the team of CULTEXP Foundation within the CNRS Foundation and protected under the trademark CULTEXP.  Elydor is an innovative AI-based multilingual neural model for the anonymization of legal documents, aligning with personal data law compliance, which redefines the landscape of legal tech with a strong emphasis on social impact. 

Developed as part of the CULTEXP legal tech innovation, Elydor is a cutting-edge technological innovation that leverages advanced NLP techniques to identify and mask personal data, streamlining the redaction process. The prototype already supports an impressive array of languages, including Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish, with the flexibility to expand further.

Elydor's Market Potential Amidst Rising Data Protection Concerns

71% of businesses are forecasted to be considering tightening data protection regulations in the upcoming year. Given the escalating concerns surrounding sensitive data, it's becoming evident that organisations need to move beyond traditional encryption strategies and embrace advanced methods like redaction to ensure full compliance. Elydor is poised to fill this gap in the market.

Elydor, addresses a well-known challenge in today's legal tech landscape—swift and privacy-compliant publication of judgments. There have been and are many high-profile cases that have been compromised due to insufficient redaction actions. In a world dominated by big data, Elydor stands out as a solution that prioritises ethical considerations, incorporates human oversight, and accommodates diverse legal systems and languages.

Leading Cultural Expertise in Legal Tech

Dr. Ali Gondal, PhD in Computer Science from the UK, is the founder and CEO of TECNOSIA OÜ, contributing significantly to the back and front end development of CULTEXP and K-EXP, and the website at EURO-EXPERT. 

In parallel, Professor Livia Holden (Director of Research at the CNRS, Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1), distinguished for her pioneering work in cultural expertise, brings invaluable intellectual property rights to TECNOSIA through the trademark of CULTEXP and the endorsement of CNRS Foundation which hosts CULTEXP Foundation. Her leadership in exploring the high-risk/high-gain frontier of cultural expertise has led to several groundbreaking research projects funded by the European Research Council, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), the Independent Social Research Foundation, and Global Challenges Research Funds. Recognized as an outstanding academic and scientist, Professor Holden's contributions to legal technology and educational initiatives related to cultural expertise are fundamental to the innovative foundation of TECNOSIA OÜ.

Empowering Startups to Dream Big: Intel® Liftoff for Startups

Collaborating with the Intel
® Liftoff team is a uniquely stimulating journey filled with innovation and boundless creativity. Their dynamic spirit, profound expertise, and penchant for thinking outside the box are opening up new horizons. Together, we are not only progressing toward our goals but have redefined what’s possible. - Professor Livia Holden.

By providing early-stage startups like TECNOSIA OÜ with cutting-edge infrastructure and mentorship, Intel® Liftoff for Startups is playing an indispensable role in catalysing innovative ideas. TECNOSIA OÜ’s journey is a clear indication of how a promising startup, armed with the right tools and resources, can disrupt the legal tech space and make a difference.
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