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The Rise of Ethical Facial Recognition

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Facial recognition offers tremendous benefits to businesses and society when used effectively and responsibly. It’s a convenient way to unlock your phone or enter your office space, but it’s becoming more controversial. As with any new technology, valid questions have been raised and concerns voiced about facial recognition’s application and shortcomings.


Oosto (formally AnyVision) showcased its ground-breaking technology and demonstrated how ethical facial recognition is being used today by modern enterprises for watchlist alerting -- identifying security threats and VIPs in real-time by comparing pictures from live video streams against a defined list of "persons of interest." This same technology is also fueling a revolution in touchless access control to open guarded points of entry with biometric-based, friction-free authorization.


Oosto is working closely with Intel utilizing Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to unlock advanced vision capabilities and ease budgetary strains for enterprise customers.


Presented on October 21, 2021 as part of Security Field Day 6. Presented by Mark Sadler, Director or Product Management, and Ziv Tsarfati, VP of Engineering at Oosto (formally AnyVision).