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Enable Faster, More Efficient Photo Editing with Capture One and Intel

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Picture this: You’re on a photography deadline, and your computer can’t keep up with the speed of your creativity. As you process and cull thousands of RAW files, the half-second delay when switching between images adds up to hours of wasted time. And anytime you create a preview or work with more than a handful of open layers simultaneously, it ties up precious computing power, preventing you from editing anything else while you wait for the computer to finish a particular task. You now have less time for creative tasks, and worst of all, your initial excitement about the shots you captured is starting to wane.

Sound familiar? For many photographers, both hobbyists and professionals, it’s a common scenario.

To help eliminate these frustrating slowdowns, Intel has teamed up with Capture One, an industry-standard tool for professional and amateur photographers. Using Capture One, photographers can shoot, edit, and collaborate more quickly and efficiently while capturing stunning, true-to-life colors.

For the latest release of Capture One Pro 23, Intel and Capture One worked in lockstep to deliver an application that takes full advantage of Intel’s hybrid architecture to maximize efficiency and accelerate workflows. When using Capture One on 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, photographers will experience faster speeds and more-powerful editing capabilities.

Capture One runs faster on Intel

To maximize Capture One performance, 13th Gen Intel® processors leverage high-speed Performance-cores (P-cores) and additional Efficiency-cores (E-cores) for select desktop configurations to deliver more-efficient processing of large-scale collections of images. That means users can more quickly import RAW images directly into Capture One and easily make finely tuned adjustments to white balance, colors, shadows, highlights, and more.

Behind the scenes, Intel® Thread Director works in tandem with the operating system to send workloads to the most optimized thread, offering improved speed and performance when multitasking. With these expanded capabilities, the 13th Gen Intel Core lineup delivers faster image import and export speeds.

“With 13 Gen Intel Core Processors, we are seeing a 20% to 30% speedup on image import and export workloads compared to 12th Gen Intel Core Processors. Comparing with earlier generations, of course, shows even more speedups.” 1
—Daniele Brazzolotto, Engineering Manager, Capture One

To add even more speed and performance potential, Intel and Capture One coengineered the application to integrate Intel® Deep Link technology. Deep Link technology enables CPUs to fluidly share workloads with Intel® Arc™ graphics solutions and other discrete or integrated GPUs in the most efficient way possible. As a result, Capture One taps into available CPUs and GPUs to tackle workloads without incurring undue overhead.

Intel unlocks the full potential of Capture One features as they were designed to be experienced 

In addition to efficient RAW conversion, Capture One offers an extensive suite of tools that take full advantage of the capabilities of Intel® hardware. Here are some of the advanced tools Capture One Pro 23 offers.

Faster image culling: For photographers who use in-camera ratings and color tags during a shoot, Capture One users can import ratings into a photo editing environment and pick up where they left off in the field. Once images are in the application, the built-in, AI-driven culling tool automatically groups images together based on similarity so users can find top selects faster and start editing right away.

Smart Adjustments feature: Unlike traditional copy-and-apply functionality, the Smart Adjustments feature leverages the power of AI to achieve a similar look across photos featuring people which are shot under different lighting conditions, drastically reducing manual editing time. Photographers can simply choose a reference image, and Capture One will intelligently apply exposure and white balance corrections to hundreds or even thousands of images with just a few clicks.

Advanced color editing: Specialized editing tools allow users to take total control of editing colors more precisely. Capture One offers color isolation for fine-tuning or dramatic image changes, management of color gradations for exact skin tones, and concurrent changes to multiple elements of a photo at once.

Enable fast, advanced editing with Capture One and Intel

The latest Intel® hybrid architecture is designed to efficiently handle the most-demanding photography workloads, unlocking faster speeds and better performance for Capture One users. Equipped with more cores, more threads, and both Intel Thread Director and Deep Link technology, 13th Gen Intel Core processors maximize efficiency and provide better multitasking experiences. With a workflow free of interruptions, photographers of all skill levels can spend more time focused on creative thinking while gaining access to advanced tools that help them deliver professional-grade photos.


To get all the details about how Capture One and Intel® technologies work together to deliver an amazing photography software experience, check out the solution brief below. You can also learn more about Capture One features here.

Notices and disclaimers
1. “Harnessing New Hybrid Architecture from Intel to Accelerate Capture One Features,” Intel, retrieved December 2, 2022. See solution brief below.

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