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New AI Engine Delivers Power Efficient AI with DirectML

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The demand for dedicated AI (Artificial Intelligence) compute on PC clients has grown significantly over the last few years and is expected to continue to grow in the future. Developers are increasingly integrating AI into their applications across most product segments – including video collaboration, photo and video editing, personal streaming and productivity.  

ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) Runtime, which many developers prefer to use for AI inference, can use DirectML to accelerate inference of ONNX models. Intel and Microsoft* have worked closely to co-engineer and optimize DirectML to create a scalable solution that runs on Intel’s new neural VPU - a dedicated, power efficient hardware block focused on AI acceleration at low power which is integrated into the upcoming Meteor Lake platform. Developers can use DirectML to target the VPU for accelerating their machine learning and inference workloads in a power efficient way to help enable improved battery life and system responsiveness 

As part of the co-engineering effort, Intel and Microsoft have worked closely with Adobe to enable two powerful and time saving features in Adobe Premiere Pro running on the Intel VPU - Auto Reframe and Scene Edit Detection.  

  • Auto Reframe automatically identifies actions in a video clip and reframes the video so the portion of the video frame of relevance remains visible when the clip is adjusted for different aspect ratios. 
  • Scene Edit Detection saves time by analyzing video and detecting scene changes to mark edit points.  Editing video with multiple scenes and cuts has never been easier. 

This collaboration among Intel, Microsoft and Adobe was on display for the first time at Microsoft Build 2023.  Click here to see it in action as part of the Windows AI Breakout session. 

AI is going to fundamentally transform the PC experience. Continued co-engineering will enable the large suite of existing Windows DirectML applications to target the Intel VPU, and with the upcoming Meteor Lake platform, Intel and Microsoft will bring AI to the PC at scale 


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