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How phoenixNAP Partners with Intel to Co-Innovate Cloud Services for Customers

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In this episode of the Elevate the Edge podcast, tech industry analyst Maribel Lopez, and top cloud influencer Jo Peterson, sit down with William Bell of phoenixNAP, to talk about how his company partnered with Intel to launch a data security cloud and other cloud innovations.


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About our featured experts

Maribel Lopez is a tech industry analyst, speaker and business advisor at Lopez Research. She focuses on helping companies understand and navigate digital transformation. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Jo Peterson is a top cloud influencer, visionary digital transformation expert, and VP of Cloud and Security Services for Clarify360. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


William Bell is EVP of Products for phoenixNAP, a global IT services provider offering progressive Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions from locations worldwide. Learn more about phoenixNAP and Intel here.