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Intel Collaborates with Bitnami to Deliver Optimized Workload Images

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In our recent Intel Innovation session, Rebecca Weekly and I shared several ways we are empowering developers with easy access to our latest Intel optimizations. That session is now available on-demand and I am excited to share more details. We are collaborating with Bitnami to make it easier to use built-in features within Intel-based cloud instances and bolster confidence that more secure, continuously maintained images are used to power workloads.

Why Bitnami by VMware-optimized images for Intel?

Bitnami by VMware has over a decade of experience packaging popular open source software for deployment in any environment. Bitnami’s packaging and testing expertise combined with Intel’s optimized performance delivers breakthrough results for workloads. 

Built-in Crypto Acceleration

Virtually all of today’s web traffic is encrypted, resulting in additional overhead on a web server. Optimal performance and efficiency have become increasingly important as traffic in the cloud continues to grow. By optimizing Transport Layer Security (TLS) to utilize CPU acceleration features built into 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based instance types, the Bitnami NGINX instances can sustain up to 7x* more connections per second compared to a similar non-crypto-optimized stack. This increase in performance reduces the number of instances required to support the same number of users, which can help organizations control the TCO of web services.

WordPress, another widely utilized web application stack, is the most popular downloaded application out of more than 130 applications packaged by Bitnami today. Using the Bitnami WordPress image within GCP, we see a 22 - 44% performance gain** on an n2-standard-16 Ice Lake instance compared to an n2-standard-16 Cascade Lake instance, depending on the cipher. Users can deploy and run WordPress packaged by Bitnami in a simple installation motion with confidence, knowing they have the most up-to-date version that utilizes our latest optimizations, not only for current instances, but also for our next generations. 

Optimizations throughout the Stack

In addition to NGINX and WordPress, we are working with Bitnami to enable optimized images for the most widely used workloads and runtime languages. We will be validating the end results with new tools including DeathStarBench for simulating proxy workloads using microservices and the open source for active Tops-Down Microarchitectural Analysis (TMA).  This approach allows us to better predict the real-world performance impact delivered by these optimizations. Improving with crypto, AI, and data services, these Bitnami images will provide a performant base to leverage when building new applications and services or upgrading what you already have running.

Flexible Deployment

Bitnami and Intel optimized images simplify your management of multi-cloud, cross-platform environments by providing consistent, reliable platform-optimized open source software. These Intel-optimized virtual machine and container images are targeted for deployment and availability on cloud platform marketplaces, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and VMware-deployment environments. 

DevOps Tools

Through our partnership with Bitnami we are offering a curated collection of images and tools that are regularly updated and work out-of-the-box with no dependency or compiling issues. Since the source code, application components, libraries and databases are all packaged together, users can simply launch this image and start running it on the default, recommended instance type without the need to perform any additional manual configuration. As we collaborate with VMware to create more and improved images, we want to hear from you to make sure we are tailoring our solutions to the modern developer! What workloads would you like for us to focus on next?

Get Started

The first images are now available to deploy from Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud marketplaces. You can try out NGINX Open Source for Intel and WordPress for Intel now:  

Visit the Intel catalog at to learn more.  



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*NGNIX 1.20.1 measured by Intel, Sept 13, 2021 using 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor (Ice Lake) based n2-standard-1 and -16 16 (us-central1-a region) instances comparing crypto performance with and without qatengine using IFMA crypto instructions. Measured with TLS version 1.2, ECDH Curves used: secp384r1, Cipher: ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256

** WordPress 5.8 measured by Intel, Sept 13, 2021 using 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor (Ice Lake) based n2-standard-16 (us-central1-a region) instances with crypto-NI comparing performance against 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor (Cascade Lake) based n2-standard-16 instances



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