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Accelerating Time to Innovation

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As we’ve seen in the last few months, change is a constant in today’s world, and the environment in which we’ve been working has and will continue to evolve. The way we work, travel, and interact within our communities has changed. For those of us lucky enough to work from home, this may mean balancing work with helping our children with remote learning and keeping them entertained.

This change has been disruptive, and I see challenges daily to maintain growth and productivity—and I know I’m not alone. The world’s demand for innovation hasn’t slowed, but the ability to deliver on that innovation has—increasing the value of pre-configured, pre-verified, commercially proven solutions.

I’ve seen first-hand some incredible examples of innovation, from our ecosystem partners and end customers, to within the walls of Intel. At Intel, our promise is for constant innovation that makes it easier for the industry to adopt new technology and build better solutions to solve business problems, engaging and encouraging our ecosystem to innovate and differentiate on Intel building blocks. Today we announced an update to our product and technology offerings that feature the new 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel Optane™ persistent memory 200 series. We also announced enhancements to our Intel Select Solutions portfolio and an expanded ecosystem of solution partners.

Intel Select Solutions represent workload optimized configurations targeting today’s data center, cloud and network communication workloads, designed to speed time to deployment and time to innovation, and increase confidence in solution performance. They provide a set of building blocks that could help you get a jumpstart on your own innovation—ever more important in today’s constantly changing environment.

New and revised solutions focused on analytics, AI and hyper-converged infrastructure enable organizations to maximize the use of their data to adapt and grow more quickly. Additionally, Intel Select Solutions are helping companies and governments around the world both slow the spread and find the vaccine for COVID-19 while enabling new ways to remotely work and learn.

Announcing New intel Select Solutions

New to the Intel Select Solution portfolio are three innovative solution workloads: Intel Select Solutions for Transwarp ArgoDB, Intel Select Solutions for Nutanix HCI, and Intel Select Solutions for VMware Horizon VDI on vSAN.

The Intel Select Solution for Transwarp ArgoDB provides a one-stop distributed database solution that offers a five times improvement of database query efficiency1. The Intel Select Solution for Nutanix HCI provides a flexible, high-performance platform optimized for analytics deployments. To respond to the increasing demands on the data center, Intel partnered with VMware—a founding member of the Intel Select Solutions program—to create the Intel Select Solution for VMware Horizon VDI on vSAN that can accelerate deployment of virtual desktops and applications in the data centeFr that can be accessed remotely for at-home work and learning. This solution represents an extraordinary example of Intel, in collaboration with our extended ecosystem, coming together to rapidly develop and test an optimized configuration in order to respond to the ever-increasing demands of this solution workload.

Intel has also updated four Intel Select Solutions for data analytics. The Intel Select Solution for SAP HANA will support 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel Optane PMem 200 series upon a partner’s final SAP certification. The Intel Select Solution for Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard edition, extending its coverage into the volume mainstream market segment. The Intel Select Solution for Media Analytics has new updated frameworks and adds support for Intel Deep Learning Boost, specifically VNNI/INT8. Finally, in partnership with Broad Institute, Intel also updated the Intel Select Solution for Genomics Analytics to enable a simplified benchmarking and partner verification process for more broad usage of this solution. The value of this solution was further extended through our partnership with Lenovo in performing advanced research on the COVID-19 virus for the Beijing Genomics Institute to develop potential vaccines.

Ecosystem Support

Intel Select Solutions come to life through innovation made possible by a broad ecosystem of solution providers ranging from OEMs, ISVs, resellers, system integrators, and solution providers. Intel is pleased to welcome four new solution partners who will be offering Intel Select Solutions: Asus, Insilicogen, Penguin Computing, and Vast Data.

In addition to these new partners, the following verified partners will be continuing their commitment to offer differentiated solutions for their customers by adding new Intel Select Solutions to their existing solution portfolios: Advantech, Boston, DataON, Inspur, Lenovo, and WWT. Expect more solution announcements from our partners in the coming weeks.

The Path Forward

Customer-ready, performance optimized data center solutions play a critical role in helping businesses become a digitally transformed organization. Intel is leading the way with Intel Select Solutions in enabling partners and customers to maximize the agility, performance, reliability, and security that is required in today’s data center environment—a guide to help you through the wilderness that is the ever-evolving IT infrastructure landscape.

Take a look at the portfolio of Intel Select Solutions to see where Intel’s partner-ready solutions can help your business continue to innovate in today’s ever-changing environment.

Written by Patti Shaffner Jordan, Sr. Director of Data Platforms Group Solutions Marketing

1 Transwarp ArgoDB Base config: Tested by Intel as of 3/27/2020. 4-node, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 5218 Processor, 16 cores HT On Turbo ON Total Memory 256 GB (8 slots/ 32GB/ 2666 MHz), 480 GB Intel SSD DC S4510, 2x 2TB Intel SSD DC P4510,  10 x 2TB SATA 7200RPM HDD, BIOS: SE5C620.86B.0D.01.0395.022720191340 (Microscode:0x500001c), Centos 7.5, Kernel 5.5.2, TPC-DS 2.11.0, Atranswarp ArgoDB 1.3.2 Plus config: Tested by Intel as of 4/24/2020. 4-node, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6240Y Processor, 18 cores HT On Turbo ON Total Memory 384 GB (12 slots/ 32GB/ 2666 MHz), 480 GB Intel® SSD DC S4510, 8 * 2TB Intel SSD DC P4510, BIOS: SE5C620.86B.0D.01.0395.022720191340 (Microscode:0x500001c), Centos 7.5, Kernel 5.5.2, TPC-DS 2.11.0, Atranswarp ArgoDB 1.3.2