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Revolutionizing Quantitative Finance with Riskfuel and Intel

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Contributing Authors: Mahesh Bhat, Mike Blalock, Mishali Naik, Parviz Peiravi, Philippe Chatigny, Bruno Domingues, Shifani Rajabose

It’s no secret that AI is transforming industries. The Financial Services industry and financial markets, in general, stand at the forefront in terms of opportunity. Financial risk management, by definition, requires high-speed mathematical calculations coupled with data-driven analytics to make assessments of current situations and predictions for the future. Financial institutions use quantitative analysis to see pricing trends and predict risk. Due to the volume of data that these models require, historically, they relied on capturing “data moments,” which still took hours or even days to calculate due to the sheer volume of data required. Meanwhile, the markets move on, so your results are always lagging behind the market, making these models only marginally valuable at any given point in time.

Deep learning has expanded what's possible by enabling far more data to be analyzed than before, but even the increased speed of deep learning calculations left models struggling to keep pace with the real-time urgency of the markets—until now

Riskfuel and Intel: A Groundbreaking Collaboration

AI software vendor Riskfuel and Intel have teamed up to produce a solution that is revolutionizing quantitative finance.

Riskfuel's AI-powered software creates accelerated versions of the proprietary tools used by banks and insurance firms to assess and manage risk in their financial portfolios. It speeds up the process of determining the monetary value or worth of an asset, or the valuation. By implementing this software, customers saw a staggering 13x improvement in throughput (valuations per second).(1) With real-time valuations and scenario analyses, you gain a critical advantage in today's fast-paced trading landscape.


But That's Just the Beginning

RiskFuel quickly realized that running their software on servers equipped with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors added another 28% increase in valuations per second compared to the previous generation of processors. What's more, this performance surpassed even the NVIDIA A100 GPU for batch sizes under 1,000, highlighting the impressive capabilities of Intel's hardware.(2)

The secret lies in Intel's Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX), integrated right into its 4th and 5th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processors. This built-in accelerator turbocharges deep-learning models, enhancing accuracy and reducing run time. In addition, Riskfuel’s unique application of very fast deep neural network (DNN) inferencing reduces the number of servers necessary to run calculations, helping you lower overall costs, especially the costs associated with training and inference.

Look at the Results


Riskfuel AI software on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors empowers financial institutions with real-time insights, increases model accuracy, reduces costs, and opens doors to new opportunities.

Ready to revolutionize your financial strategy? Dive into the possibilities with Riskfuel and Intel with the resources below.


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