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Building a mixed language dll including Windows output


This is my first experience of the Intel Fortran compiler - do not take too much for granted.

I have been asked by an old customer to provide a copy of our Simpleplot graphing library for an Intel Fortran compiler. We expect to supply it as a dll.

The library contains within it code written in C/C++ to output to a window using Windows primitives.It can operate on an externally supplied hWnd. So far so good - the Windows interface compiles under Visual Studio13 and runs OK from a C++project. The Fortran library compiles fine separately. I need to glue the 2 components together - Fortran and Windows interface - and to make a single dll..

I cannot work out how to test it within an Intel Fortran project. I guess the WinMain needs to be able to pass the hWnd to the dll - that isn't a problem, but which project type is required? And is there a limited number of project types that our customer will be able to use?

If you can point me to documentation that does not use acronyms lightly and wantonly, that will be very helpful


David Butland- 


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