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Intel Graphics Missing After Clean Windows Installation


I'm using MSI WT72 2OM with MSI-1781 Motherboard. I faced the prob where my Intel was not present in Device Manager. I have to View Hidden Files in order to see it. And won't able to enable it in anyways. And it works the same way vice versa since MSI have switch button that allows us to choose between Integrated or Discrete graphic card. How can I enable both of them at the same time? Cause before I clean install my Windows. They both were enabled at the same time. But after a clean installation of Windows, I can't manage to enable both of them at the same time. I've tried installing Intel Chipset & Intel Drivers afterwards. But unfortunately nothing changes.


Btw, I can't find anything called "multi monitor" or even ''multi graphic" in my BIOS where I can Disabled them in order to use both Graphic Card. I only have this on my Advanced Tab in BIOS:-


PCI Latency Timer [32 PCI Bus Clocks]

SATA Mode Selection [AHCI]

i-charger works at S3/S4/S5 state [Disabled]

ERP lot 3 support [Disabled]

Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) [Enabled]

CPU C states [Enabled]

Wake Up On Lan S5 Support [Disabled]

Win/Fn Key Swap [Disabled]

Intel Virtualization Technology [Enabled]

-> UEFI BIOS Update

-> USB Configuration


Can you help me with this?


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UEFI. I noticed that first.

That means (if you really really read the history and specifications of it) that someone else, specifically not you, might have the ability to read, copy, edit, delete, add, and replace, any and all files on your computer remotely, even when you think that your computer is turned off. Therefore, your question is not complete in substantiating data.

If you are using any Microsoft Windows operating system beyond XP Pro with service pack 2 (not 3), then the following questions apply, otherwise for the operating system, they do not apply as it does not have UEFI remote control fully installed by default (a skeleton of remote control was included but it was not fully developed at that time). So for past XPsp2:

Remove any and all ability for the computer to connect to the internet via hard line, wireless, or otherwise. Format the hard drive with FAT 32. Just do it. If done right, you will be destroying the Pre-boot-environment. Then from the original Windows install disk, if your are allowed by Microsoft to use an install disk, and with no other disks and no other devices connected (that includes printers and network connections and usb devices), install Windows, whatever version beyond XP sp2 that you choose to use. Do not update the bios or anything else. Test your computer. If you still have those problems, it is probably either the hardware that has intrusive firmware built into the hardware, or it is the operating system. Respond accordingly.

The Bible says that strong fences make good neighbors. Allowing or using UEFI and/or some of the current firmware are like ignoring that truth. That which you sow, so shall you reap.

You asked a wide open question. I hope that I helped you to find your own answers.


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