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Opengl glClientWaitSync log message API_ID_SYNC_FLUSH, what does it mean?


Log message is:

OpenGL (Info) [API] [Other] : API_ID_SYNC_FLUSH other warning has been generated. ClientWait flush in different gc for sync object 6, "" will be ineffective.

Usage:  I have some vertex, index and uniform buffers using the persistently mapped technique.  If the buffer has been used that frame, I set fence in the usual way.  Next time that buffer is used, typically after 2 more frames in ring buffer, I check status with glClientWaitSync, blocking if necessary.  With 3 frame ring buffer, this never blocks, with single frame, it will block regularly. All as expected.

Testing on laptop with nVidia and Intel GPUs.  nVidia is silent on this usage and runs fine.  Intel HD produces the noted log message repeatedly.

What does this message mean, and how can I fix it?

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