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Possibly wrong forum : Sideband access to display mechanism



In advance : I suspect this is the wrong forum, but couldn't find a better one. If indeed it is not, I'd be glad if someone would be kind enough to point me the right one.

I'm developing a solution (under Linux), requiring me to slightly alter the output FPS.

I've done that originally by changing the HBLANK and VBLANK values, but the customer insisted upon using ICLK bending.

Have implemented, to the best of my ability, I'm rather certain i'm incorrectly writing to the sideband (SBI_ADDR and SBI_DATA), which is supposed to control the clock bending. Will happily provide the code, if anyone thinks I can be helped.

Of course, when I run it, nothing happens (I measure, bending doesn't occur). I also noticed that the sideband becomes "un-busy" right away, which shouldn't happen when reading, at least.




Oren J. Maurice

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Hi Oren,

Unfortunately I can't help with Linux driver questions/issues, it is not a specialty. There are some places you can go for help though.

For questions and issues with the Mesa driver, your best options are:


For LVDS issues, your best option is to contact one of Intel's kernel graphics developers. You can find them on IRC at irc:// and on the mailing list


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