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I210 IT programming question part 2


I am working on a design with the I210 IT part.  We are the OEM of this design,  there is no third party. ​I have gone to the websites you listed  and found  info on EEUPDATE,  EEPROM access tool, and LANConf tool.  All of these tools run on a PC and  seem to assume that the board with the I210 part is plugged into the PC that is running the tool.  The board I am designing however is not being designed to plug into a Personal computer.   So it does not appear I can use any of the tools.   I am therefore looking to see if I can program the NVMemory attached to the I210 part using an external programmer such as Aardvark.   I would connect this programmer to the NVM_CS, SI, SO and SK  pins which would allow the programmer to drive these pins and program the NVM as long as the I210 part was not driving these pins, otherwise there would be contention which would prevent  this method from working.     Is there any way to have the I210 part tristate the NVM pins?  For instance,  if I negate the LAN_PWR_GOOD pin to logic low,  does the I210 part tristate the NVM_SO,  SI, SK and CS pins?   Thank you

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We suggest you as a reference that may help you the information stated in the following websites:





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