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I210 programming part 3


Thank you for the websites that show in circuit programmers  to program the Non volatile memory part  that we will attach to the I210IT part.  To use a programmer,  I need to make sure the I210 part is not driving the   NVM_CS, SI, SO and SK  pins  when I am trying to program the NMV using these  same pins.  Otherwise if 2 devices are driving the same pins,   there will be contention which  would prevent the programmer  from working.    Is there any way to have the I210 part tristate these NVM programming  pins? For instance,  if I negate the LAN_PWR_GOOD pin to logic low, does the I210 part tristate the NVM_SO, SI, SK and CS pins?   I have looked in the datasheet for the I210 part but not found this information.  Could you please answer this question in this forum as:    Yes the programming pins on the I210 part  (NVM_SO, SI, SK and CS) tristate if  the XYZ  pin on the I210 part is asserted OR  No,  there is no way to tristate the programming pins.  Thank you

Whitney Ballard

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Hello, @WBall​ :


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


We have had experience with the third-party device mentioned by us on your previous thread and programming the flash for an i210, and had no issues.


The i210 does not access the flash part once the power on cycle is complete, so there should be no competition. 


Also, the flash part itself should not require external power as the mentioned third-party device worked on an un-powered card.


However, the cited pins can be setting in tri-state mode when they are disabling. You can confirm this information in section 4.4.2, on page 143 of the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I210 Datasheet document # 333016 that can be found at:




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