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I350-AM4 does not let data over phy interface and link resets periodically while in use.



I am bringing up a custom I350AM4 NIC which we have designed.  This design has not been reviewed by Intel and is the same board in message  https://community.intel.com/t5/Embedded-Connectivity/Bringing-up-flash-on-a-custom-I350AM4-design/m-p/1304030/emcs_t/S2h8ZW1haWx8dG9waWNfc3Vic2NyaXB0aW9ufEtSWjk4NlVTS0lOWEREfDEzMDQwMzB8U1VCU0NSSVBUSU9OU3xoSw#M3288 .

Since getting the EEPROM programmed and recognized by Linux as an I350 device, I'm having difficulty getting any data to flow through the device.  When I try to ping another computer connected to it the link resets about every 10 seconds and no packets make it through.  Looking at dmesg it keeps repeating (with a different time stamp for each):

[ +15.000933] igb 0000:04:00.0 eth1: igb: eth1 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: RX/TX

I have used the EEPROM-less defaults in the datasheet when I programming the EEPROM, except those necessary to identify the device as an I350 Copper interface.  Is there a configuration setting or something I am missing that would not let data flow through but bring up the Ethernet interface up in Linux? 

I have verified that the power supplies look good and do not change at all through this whole process.  I have also verify the pin-out and connectivity such that they are identical to the I350 reference design (ID#323852).  Changing link speeds does not affect the behavior either.  To verify my network setup, I am also able to ping the network just fine with another intel NIC I have installed in the computer, although you have to take down the I350 interface before the other NIC works.  The cables I am using are also brand new and I have tried multiple cables all with the same results.





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