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Initial Wake on LAN configuration from Flash




We use the Intel i210-IT and i210-IS in a system design. We need to be able to wake the system with a Magic Packet.

The default Flash images from Intel seem to disable WoL (Wake on LAN), I enable this by setting 'Initialization Control 3 (Word 0x24)' bit 10 to '1'.


Now WoL only works if the system is first booted and then put in standby.

WoL does not work when the system power is applied and stays in stand-by (No OS booted to change any registers). I also need this to work.


My best guess is that the initial WUFC (Wakeup Filter Control Register) value is not correct and is only corrected by the driver once booted.


I need help to get this WoL set-up in the FLASH image.

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Hello THend8,


Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities. 


Base on your inquiry, we have specific forum for these issues and I will be transferring this thread for faster response. 


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