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EG20T CAN Driver - packet lost by receiver


I'm developing an application on a PC104 board with Windows 7 Embedded to communicate with external device on the CAN bus. This board uses the chip EG20T to implement the CAN bus. I've installed the driver 'EG20T_Win7_setup_150' to read and write from the CAN interface but some packets will be lost. The CAN bus is configured with a baudrate to 500Kbps.

The external device sends packets with different rate and my application shall be read these packets.

When the transmitter sends a sequence of packets, where the time between two packets is less than 2ms, the library returns less packets than the transmitted. When the time between two packets is more than 2ms all the transmitted packets will be returned by the library.

In the history version of the library I see that a similar bug was resolved with the version 1.4 but in transmition case:


Title:Packet Lost and reception side.

Description:Resolved issue where reception side loses packets with the condition every delay from a request of IOTCL_CAN_WRITE to next request is set to 0ms for continous message sent.

Implication:CAN communication cannot function correctly.

Resolution:Fixed in V1.4.0.


Could be this a bug of the library?

Is there anyone that read successfully with this chip and the library 'EG20T_Win7_setup_150' when an external device sends packet within 2ms?

Best reagards.


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