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FPT64.efi tool in new UEFI-Shell on BayTrail


On BayTrail platform we use fpt64.efi which we get from our module supplier.


Furthermore we want to use micropython in the efi shell. For that we have to use a newer UEFI-Shell than the default one on the module as micropython does not run on it.


Compiling a UEFI-Shell with edk2-2019 and starting this, the micropython runs fine but fpt64.efi does not find the fparts.txt any more (I haven´t changed anything in that folder/that files).



FS0:\EFI\Tools\> fpt64.efi -f fs0:\EFI\ROM\V02.ROM

Intel (R) Flash Programming Tool. Version:
Copyright (c) 2007 - 2013, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Platform: Bay Trail

Error 75: "fparts.txt" file not found.





FS0:\EFI\Tools\> ls f*
Directory of: FS0:\EFI\Tools\
09/01/2013 04:16 4,125,432 fpt64.efi
09/16/2016 11:38 6,634 fparts.txt
11/16/2016 15:49 4,042,848 Fpt.efi
3 File(s) 8,174,914 bytes
0 Dir(s)



Is there any certain requirement for shell compiling to get fpt64.efi run or what´s wrong?

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Hello, @SBuhr:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We sent an email to the address related to this account with information that may help you.

Best regards,


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