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FSP with debug info




I got the following output after compiling coreboot with a debug FSP for baytrail:


============= PEIM FSP v1.0 (VLYVIEW0 v0.0.3.5) =============

Register PPI Notify: DCD0BE23-9586-40F4-B643-06522CED4EDE

Install PPI: 8C8CE578-8A3D-4F1C-9935-896185C32DD3

Install PPI: 5473C07A-3DCB-4DCA-BD6F-1E9689E7349A

The 0th FV start address is 0x000FFFE0400, size is 0x00017C00, handle is 0x0

Register PPI Notify: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39

Register PPI Notify: EA7CA24B-DED5-4DAD-A389-BF827E8F9B38

Install PPI: B9E0ABFE-5979-4914-977F-6DEE78C278A6

Install PPI: DBE23AA9-A345-4B97-85B6-B226F1617389


Install PPI: 06E81C58-4AD7-44BC-8390-F10265F72480

Install PPI: 01F34D25-4DE2-23AD-3FF3-36353FF323F1


Install PPI: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39

Notify: PPI Guid: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39, Peim notify entry point: FFFE0FE4

The 1th FV start address is 0x000FFFB0000, size is 0x0002F400, handle is 0xFFFB0000


Install PPI: A55D6970-1306-440C-8C72-8F51FAFB2926


PcdMrcInitTsegSize = 8

PcdMrcInitMmioSize = 800

PcdMrcInitSPDAddr1 = A0

PcdMrcInitSPDAddr2 = A2

Setting BootMode to 0

Install PPI: 1F4C6F90-B06B-48D8-A201-BAE5F1CD7D56

Register PPI Notify: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE

About to call MrcInit();

BayleyBay Platform Type

AutoSelfRefreshEnable = 0x2

RID = 0x11.

Reg_EFF_DualCH_EN = 0x100301C0.

CurrentMrcData.BootMode = 4

C0.D0: SPD not present.

C1.D0: SPD not present.


What should I do with this information ?

Should I use it in Intel's BCT to modify some default FSP values ?

or should I use it to modify the current devicetree.cb ?


Is there a detailed documentation explains what is the meaning of each line in the messages I got ?


Thank you,


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Hello, @ZVere​:


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


We suggest you refer to the suggestions and information stated in the Intel(R) Firmware Support Package [FSP] for Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor E3800 Product Family: Integration Guide document # 331165 that may answer your questions.


This document can be found at the following website:




We hope that this information is useful to you.


Best regards,


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