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Fedora 12 Support in IEGD?

Are there any plans to include support for Fedora 12 or any other current Linux distribution like Debian Lenny in the next release of the IEGD?

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IEGD targets distributions identified as required by the different platform segments for the embedded chipsets. Embedded markets tend to lag behind "state of the art" and have long life cycles so we concentrate on keeping long life support rather than trying to track the ever changing Linux landscape. You should be sure to influence your Intel representative so they help set the platform plan-of-record.

That said, we are tracking closely the Moblin distribution which tends to use the latest kernels and Xorg versions. If we support the kernel on another distro that matches that used in the disto you want to use, the driver tends to work there also.

If you are having an issue with patching your kernel, the IKM utility is provided in source to allow you to adapt it to other situations. THe GART and DRM tweaks needed for IEGD are small and usually fairly straight forward to apply to other situations. The big thing is making sure the xorg version is the same as we provide our X libraries as binary only so if we are supporting Xorg 1.7 and you have 1.9 that will not work and you will need us to update to the newer stuff. There is a white paper that should be available (or will be soon) on adapting to different distros.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the information Kirk.

I fully understand your point. I agree that in the embedded market, things can be a bit slower, but unfortunately that's not always the case.

The thing is, if a new project starts, the customer most likely wants to use the latest Linux / kernel version (or use an older one, but apply all the updates, resulting in a possible break of IEGD as well) exactly _because_ he wants to freeze the installation and use it for a long time.

I'm really interested in that white paper you mentioned, if available.

64 Views" target="_blank">White Paper: IEGD Linux* Kernel Module— Porting and Patching Methods

IEGD Kernel Module enables custom distributions and Linux* kernels for allowing the X-Window system driver access to the Intel® graphics device for embedded solutions.

File Type/Size: PDF 117KB

Version: 1 : November 2009

This lives on the EDC IEGD landing page (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> in the "Documentation" sidebar on the right side of the page.Hope this helps.<!-- /Right Channel -->