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Intel Atom Baytrail processor E3826 is not booting sometimes


Sometimes the E3826 processor is not booting. It appears that before loading the BIOS or just at the instant of loading the BIOS the system hangs.

We suspect that it could be due to VLI89 bug (System may experience inability to boot or May cease operation).

Looking for more details on how to confirm that the issue of not booting is due to VLI89 bug. Since the system is at the booting stage, no ways to check using debug messages. Is there any other ways to check the reason for hanging?

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Hello, @AMani11​:


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


Could you please clarify if the affected project is your design or a third- party one? 


In case that it is a third-party device, could you please inform the name of the manufacturer, its model, the part number, and where its documentation is stated?


On the other hand, could you please let us know how many units of the project related to this circumstance have been manufactured? How many are affected? Could you please give the failure rate? Also, could you please list the sources that you have used to design it and if it has been verified by Intel?


Finally, could you please give pictures of the top side markings of the affected processors?


We are waiting for your answer to these questions.


Best regards,


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