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Intel's enhance media grphic driver EMGD 2.0v


Hello Forum,

During the installation of EMGD 2.0v driver on the Fedora 16 upgraded kernel 3.2.13 a significant tweaking required to build the driver and insert into the local build kernel. The reason to build a local kernel; is an imperative to to disable the Mode setting and disabling existing intel's 8xx/9xx/g3//g4 graphics so kernel will not include and EMGD will use full usage of its own DRM to exploit.I build the driver and kernel but I am missing out on a file named "user_config3083.c" which required to modify existing "user_config.c" before build of the driver. I wonder someone can provide me at intel.

Thank in advance,

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First off, I am not sure what you mean by "EMGD 2.0" as we do not have a V2 product line for Embedded Media and Graphics Drivers yet. Where did you obtain it? Our normal place is at http://www.intel.com/go/emgd www.intel.com/go/emgd and that is where you get EMGD 1.x (specific V # depends on OS and chipset). These are for US15w or E68X chipsets.

Next Fedora 16 is not currently a supported distribution by EMGD.

Next, I've never heard of a "user_config.c" used with EMGD.

All this leads me to think you are refering to the OTC graphics driver and not EMGD. Questions and issues should be directed to the OTC forums or Bugzilla database for that code. Please go to the place you got the code for help.

Hope this helps,


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If you need a pointer to the OTC resources, you might start here:

http://software.intel.com/sites/oss/ Open Source - Intel® Software Network - Intel&# 174; Software Network

I hope this helps.


J. Felix McNulty

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