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NUC5PGYH image duplication questions...


Our company is looking to acquire NUC5PGYH and sell them as part of our product. We would produce a master disk image (Windows 10 with our software pre-installed and configured) and then duplicate that image for each NUC. Considering that each NUC5PGYH already has a Windows product key associated with the Windows 10 that originally came with the NUC, what is the means of making sure that product key gets inserted for each NUC that has a duplicate of the image that I make? Is the key something that is stored in a separate location and the duplicate Windows 10 installation would automatically pick that up, or do we manually have to type in each key (I did not see a product key sticker)? Or, does Intel even offer a duplication service so that the NUC would come to us with the image we set up?

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Hello nwebers

For NUC related questions, my suggestion is to visit the following url: https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/nuc https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/nuc, the Intel Representatives there are specialized toward the NUC segment and they will be able to provide with better assistance.

Best Regards,

Adolfo Sanchez.

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