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Need recommendations for an embedded board


I have a project that requires a Atom N270 or better type processor board with the following:

- must run Linux

- needs a single USB port

- needs LVDS LCD interface

- needs Ethernet

- needs sata or ide interface

- smaller than mini-itx (pico-itx?)

- audio out is a plus but not required

- fanless if possible but not required

Does not need:

- any type of expansion slots

- power management

- video out

- serial/parr ports

- wireless

- PS/2 ports

- I'm not locked into Atom if you have something else.

Any companies that monitor this board that might have recommendations from

stock or a custom board or anyone else? Searching on the web finds lots of off the shelf

mini-itx boards but seems like I'm not having any luck finding exactly what I want.

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Hi avsys:

Welcome to the lntel® Embedded Community.

Have you looked at the Solutions Directory for the lntel® Embedded Alliance? Here you will find Intel-based products from over 160 companies within Intel's trusted embedded ecosystem. There are many board-level products in all of the popular form factors. From the specifications you stated, I think there is a high probability you will find what you need.

Find it here: http://www.intelcommsalliance.com/kshowcase/view http://www.intelcommsalliance.com/kshowcase/view" target="_self" rel="nofollow">http://www.intelcommsalliance.com/kshowcase/view

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

One of the problems I've run into searching web sites is once I find something close I

have a difficult time gettting a response to my inquiry and answers to questions. I was

hoping a post here would find some vendors that have what we need and would

establish contact. Or maybe find someone else who has used a vendor that would

offer some ideas.

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