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Stronger Chip, Better Performance. NORCO Releases Green, Power-saving Embedded Solutions Based on Intel® Bay Trail


As the Associate Member of INTEL® Intelligent System Alliance (ISA), NORCO works closely with Intel® in terms of product roadmap & strategy alignment, co-selling and co-marketing. To drive more awareness of Intel® newly released Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family (codename: Bay Trail) and NORCO's latest innovations based on this platform, NORCO will also announce its release of the newly developed Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 series powered embedded motherboard BPC-7940 following Intel's release on the 30th September.

NORCO has been committed to promoting and advancing the industrial computing technology and applications, for years. It is one of the well-known suppliers for industrial computer (IPC), ruggedized computer, embedded computer and OEM/ODM solutions for specific application fields, etc. with the "application-oriented" R&D philosophy, "NORCO has developed a wide range of solutions to meet the demands from different industries, including automation, telecommunication, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, medical, military/aero, POS, 3C, rail transit, mining security, electricity automation, digital signage and etc. Since its foundation, NORCO has made outstanding contributions to boosting the automation and informatization of traditional industries.

NORCO newly released embedded motherboard BPC-7940 is a flexible and reliable hardware platform that can work with any SoC platform, such as Bay Trail-I, Bay Trail-M, or Bay-Trail-D, to provide a variety of choices based on client's requirements

Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family (codename: Bay Trail) is specifically designed for today's growing performance/watt needs of intelligent systems. This unique Intel® Atom™ processor family delivers excellent compute, media, and graphical capabilities; high reliability through virtualization and error correcting code (ECC); and a built-in security engine—all on a sub-10-watt system-on-chip offers higher level of data integrity and reliability. With the latest Intel® Atom™ E3800 processors, the BPC-7940 offers a super power-saving solution for customers by reducing the power consumption by 36%, compared to previous generations of Intel® Atom™ platforms. Besides, NORCO's proprietary ICEFIN™ Thermal design ensures maximum heat dissipation and minimize the working noise to zero, making it a true fanless system and the most favored choice for industrial applications.

With Intel® Gen 7 graphics of Bay Tail, the BPC-7940 enables fast access to video links, 3D and HDMI high resolution video playback and multimedia output. It provides the possibility of immersive web browsing experience and fantastic HD media show.

BPC-7940, the "tiny but mighty" body, offers users a superior hardware with reliable performance at a ultra low power consumption, supporting wide working temperatures ranging from -40℃ ~ 110℃, making it suitable for all kinds of rough environments.

NORCO will further launch two fanless barebone system BIS-6660C and BIS-6910A with this superb motherboard.

For more information regarding this new solution, please visit www.norco-group.com

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