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Simularity AI Solves Image Anomaly Detection from Space


The Simularity Automated Image Anomaly Detection System (AIADS) is the result of extensive development at Simularity. We have leveraged our cutting-edge AI technology and experience with massive volumes of time series data, and applied these competencies to satellite imagery. Our product uses AI and advanced image analysis techniques to learn what's normal in a user's area of interest, and detect anomalies in those areas when they happen.

Simularity combines Artificial Intelligence with Satellite data to detect anomalies not previously seen by Analysts. Fusing intelligence from multiple sources to provide enhanced decision making.

Unique Differentiators:

 Flexible: Data agnostic- can function in any vertical or industry.

 Scalable: Supports trillions of data points.

 Smart: Reduces false alarms & alerts users to future problems in time to prevent disasters.

 Real time: Our AI supports data ingestion of millions of data points per second, and millisecond analysis of all data, both streaming and historical.

 Timely: Rapid analysis of high volumes of images allows the user to quickly find the hotspots of interest in near real-time, allowing for deeper understanding and more response options.

To know more, check out our White Paper.

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