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Which update to use?

While using Autodesk 123D Design, a CAD 3D program, the program shuts down and i get a display adapter recovery message. I would like to update my current driver the only question is which one? I am using a Lenovo H530 desktop original OS was Windows 8.1 which I did the online upgrade to Windows 10. Processor is the Intel Core i3-415, 3.5 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 4400 display adapter. Do I use the update for Windows 10 or 8.1?

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Hello deanva,

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We suggest you to contact the manufacturer of your computer to receive the proper support, because they know all the information related to the modifications implemented on the devices where the video, audio, or other features are generated. Please review the info or address your consultations as a reference at the following web sites: Windows Support Center - Lenovo Support (US) Select your product - Lenovo Support (US) Home - Lenovo Support (US) Home - Lenovo Community Email Lenovo | Lenovo US


It is important to let you know that these changes have been implemented in their drivers, which in this specific case can be found as a reference as is indicated or at the following web sites: How to find Windows 10 drivers - Lenovo Support (US) Desktops & All-in-Ones :: Lenovo H Series desktops :: H530 Desktop (Lenovo) - Lenovo Support (US)

Please let us know if this information is useful to you.


Best Regards,