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error message "D3DM Wrapper Driver: ERROR: Vertex Processing needs clipping"



We are porting a Windows CE application from DirectX to Direct3DMobile, so far it works fine but performance is an issue. We noticed that the driver outputs the following error:

D3DM Wrapper Driver: ERROR: Vertex Processing needs clipping!

We were able to reproduce this problem with (a slight modification to) the D3DMobile tutorial application 5 (textures).

In the function InitGeometry, multiplied the X and Z position of both vectors by 3

example: pVertices[2*i+0].position = VECTOR3( (float)sin(theta) * 3,-1.0f, (float)cos(theta) * 3 );

The cilinder then touches the sides of the window and the driver outputs the message.

What are we doing wrong?

We have Windows CE 5 and 6, using the IEGD 10.3.1 driver on a 945GME chipset.

Thanks in advance,

Maikel Bloemendal

Embedded software engineer

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