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for XEON D1500 SoC, The internal LAN controller has two (2) ports (port 0 and Port 1) that can support 10G-KR and 1G-KW. My question is: Can each port 0 and Port 1 be set to different rates. i.e. Port 0 to 1G-KW and Port 1 to 10G-KR??


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In order to give you the information that may help you, could you please let us know part numbers and SKUs of the processors related to your question?


By the way, could you please let us know if the designs related to your questions have been developed by you or a third party company? In case that it is a third-party project, could you please give us all the information related to it?  If it is a device designed by you, could you please inform us the sources that you have used to base your project?


Waiting for the information that should answer these questions.


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