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82567LM and Windows 7 - very slow Gb connection


I have a DELL E6400, recently upgraded to Win7(with a full install). The NIC negoiated 1Gbps OK but the problem is that the network transmit rate is limited to between 150KBps and 3MBps but the receive is OK at >30MBps. I have tried almost every available driver from DELL and Intel with no significant change.

Current driver is ( tried 10.0.6, 10.1.6, So far I have also replaced all wiring and the switch and the NAS server in use. If I reboot with XPPro there is no problem and transmit is >30MBps. DELL were not helpfull - works OK with XP - the driver (from their site) came from Intel therefore 'It is not our problem' - Call Intel !

Any thoughts would be appreciated.....

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This problem has been solved with a complete Windows rebuild. I found no reason or logic as to why the net traffic speed was so asymetric on 1Gb of 100Mb connections or why a driver change did not reset the condition. I can only assume that the issue was more within the Windows7 Net interface.!!

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