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Are boards using the I225-V (B1/B2) Ethernet Controller faulty or not?

There are too many obscure threads scattered about this forum, people deserve a straightforward question with a straightforward answer.

Please leave this open as an official line of discussion on the I225-V (B1/B2) Ethernet Controller issues.

We will see any attempt to close this thread as an effort to cover up the issue.

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Hi NotImpressed,

Still no answer nor resolution... Have you received your 3rd replacement Asus board already by the way? If so, was it with the B3 revision of the chip?

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My third board sent directly from Asus's warehouse came with B2 stepping once again, even though the technician promised me over the phone that it would have the corrected B3 stepping.

After emailing Asus back they apologized and gave the gimmicky response you would expect out of a **bleep**ty company like as Asus, and to make matters worse they won't do anything now, they are actually questioning my network setup trying to find fault with me somewhere and pretty much just doing whatever they can to stall things.

Get this... one of the first things they instructed me to do after I called them out for sending me the same board using B2 stepping once again was to use the old outdated driver, can't remember the version number, but seriously what kinda loser working for Asus is actually suggesting this horse **bleep**, sketchy as hell right man?


Thanks for the quick reply! This sucks.
That's why I am hesitant to RMA my board. I did raise a ticket to Gigabyte asking if Aorus Master has even left the assembly line with the B3 revision. I am just worried that I may get stuck in a loop of getting boards with B1/B2 controller. I could get a separate LAN card but my z490 only has 3 pcie slots and I already have a sound card in one of them. So if I plugged in a Pcie Nic, my graphics card would be downgraded to PCI 3.0 x8 which is not an option.

Anyway, thanks for the update and good luck. Let's hope there is another firmware that maybe does not fully fix the issues but at least mitigates them further without limiting the transfer to 1 Gbps.

Regarding this issue, Intel has gone completely silent. There has been numerous ,, we still looking into issue" type of answers but it seems, they are not even responding anymore...

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I am also locked at 1 Gbps which im not happy about, Asus won't even acknowledge it, actually they told me they could not replicate the issue on their end, complete horse **bleep**.

But false advertising is no joke. Perhaps any of you know a lawyer who could help us out in properly reprimanding Asus and Intel, and perhaps even compensate us for this crap?