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D946GZis Desktop board, several issues.

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  • My system specs are:


  • D946GZis Intel Mother Board
  • Dual Core Intel Proccesor 3.06ghz
  • Kingston DDR2 4gb of memory (2x2gb)
  • ATI HD 4890
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • PSU Super Flower 900wats



  • Bios Update


The first issue that I'm experiencing is being unabled to create a boot disk, it wont boot wether or not I set up the device to boot first in the list. I can't flash using the windows version, because it don't accept windows 7 OS.


This seems to be causing windows to dectect my ATI HD 4890 as an ATI HD 4870.



  • Drivers Update


I'm experiencing high latencies in world of warcraft, Blizzard says that I should try to update the drivers to a newer version, but at difference of many drivers of windows vista that works with windows 7, Intel's drivers won't even let the setup start. My nic is a INTEL 100 PRO/VE Network Connection.


  • Memory frequency change


Whenever I switch to the maximum frequency in the bios, the system wont boot.

Anyone knows how I could solve this issues?

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Try a bios recovery using a formatted USB media.

Instructions for Recovery BIOS Updates


In the unlikely event that a BIOS update is interrupted, it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state.


The recovery process requires the chassis to be opened to remove the onboard BIOS Configuration Jumper.


Recovery with Formatted USB Stick

1. Copy the recovery file (*.bio) to a fat formatted usb disk or blank CD disk .


2. Place the usb disk in the target system.


3. Shut down the system and unplug AC power.


4. Open the chassis and remove the BIOS Configuration Jumper. See the Technical Product Specification for details including the

location of this jumper.


5. Power the system on.


6. Wait 2-5 minutes for the update to complete. When the usb drive LED is lit, the system is copying the recovery code into the

FLASH device.


7. System will either turn off when the recovery process is completed or it will prompt you to turn off the system.


8. Remove usb disk


9. Replace the BIOS Configuration Jumper.


10. Restart system.

Note: these can be found on:




Page 3

After the bios update, do a clear CMOS by removing the RTC battery and power plug.


Enter in the bios and load bios to defaults by pressing F9 and F10.

Then install your OS and all the latest drivers from the website:

Install the drivers in the following orders:









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The drivers don't work, they are not detected by the 64 bit pack.

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Have you been able to update the bios at least?

Board OS Compatibility:

Other than this, i dont have any more suggestions. Hope someone else can help you.

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Then I'm screwed. it just don't work. either give internal error o simply like the screenshot above.