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Intel 1000 Pro PT, how to optimize performance


Hi, we are using 1000Pro PT PCIe network card, we are trying to receive many UDP packets sent by a video device, because of software limitations we can't use "JAMBO PACKETS" so each packet is 1288 bytes of data, we are trying to receive 25 fps of 1920 packets each frame, currently after playing around with optimization parameters of the card in "advance"->"performance options" we are able to get average of 1905 packets, how can we speed this up? also from the task manager it looks like all network traffic is reaching a single CPU of the 4 we have available

any ideas?

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Receive side scaling can affect the number of cores being used. However, if you are not maxing out the processor, using more than one core might not help you. What OS and Service Pack are you using? Do you have Intel(R) PROSet installed? If your OS supports Receive Side Scaling and you have installed Intel PROSet, you can experiment with the RSS queue size and compare RSS disabled with enabled.

What other settings have you tried changing to improve performance?

Also consider that the network adapter might not be the bottleneck. You might be running into other system performance issues that are slowing you down.

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