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Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection Hibernate Driver Problem



i have "Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection" under device manager - network adapters. if i install the latest PROWinx64 driver version 15.4.1 for my windows 7 64bit system the network is working but "hibernate" doesn't work anymore. i get logged off, my screen goes black and the monitors don't get any signal like it should but the computer stays on. (waiting for hours: nothing happens) i have to turn it off by pressing the powerbutton a couple of seconds. it seems no hibernation data is written to disk and the power off misses.

i tested this several times. the problem definatly has to do with the intel driver.

when i switch back to the driver from microsoft (driver provider: microsoft, driver date 26.03.2009, version, digital signer: microsoft windows) hibernate is working again (data is written to disk and soon after the monitor signal is lost and my monitors switch off also my computer turns off COMPLETELY!)

please fix this bug.


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Thank you for posting the information. We will look into the issue.

Does your system have the latest BIOS and have you checked with your computer manufacturer for a solution? The connection you have is built into your system board, so the bug might be system specific. You might need help from the manufacturer to find a solution.

Mark H

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hi mark,

this is a dell dimension 9200 system with latest bios and latest windows 7 updates.

i usually load the latest drivers from the chip/hardware manufacture (intel, nvidia, ati etc.) itself because i experienced better performance/stability/features than with system manufactures (i.e dell) or microsoft drivers. hibernation was working like a charm with win 7 64bit for months until i updated the intel network driver (i suppose i had the microsoft driver until i recently installed the intel driver for the nic).

however in this case it isn't working properly - at least not with hibernation.

i hope you guys @intel can fix the problem with the new upcoming driver.

so far i will stick with the microsoft one. (i made sure that it is the intel driver because i switched and installed the microsoft and intel driver several times with reboots and trying to hibernate!)


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