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PXE Boot hangs on a HP 8200 Elite CMT with 2 Boards I350T4 pcie


I have installed on several PC HP 8200 Elite CMT several Ethernet Controller I350T4 and CT FH969AA , if I have one I350T4 and one FH969AA e very things work fine , but I install 2 I350T4 it hangs on boot. If I remove one everythings goes fine.

On the black creen I see PXE Boot initializing in 2 lines forever.

Any suggestion?

Best regards


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The system assigns resources for adapter option ROMs to allow for capabilities such as remote booting via PXE. As you add more ports, the system can run out of resources and the system might not boot. I suspect that is what you are experiencing.

If you do not need the remote boot capability, you can disable the I/O mapped acess on the Ethernet adapters. Then the adapters will not use up these system resources. If you are using remote boot via PXE or some other remote boot method then disabling the mapping is not an option.

You can use ioutil to disable IO mapped access to the card. Disabling IO access will prevent some pre-boot and DOS driver technologies from working. The utility can be found in the Administrative Tools for Intel® Network Adapters webpack available at

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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