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Pro 1000/MT NIC Teaming Problem


Hi All I'm having a problem with an Interl Pro 1000 /MT Quad Port server adaptor. A few years ago and a few driver revisions ago this was a simple task of opening the device manager, selecting the NIC and using the available options to create the Team. Server: IBM x346 Windows Server 2003 R2 32 – bit I've installed the adaptor without a problem as well as a new driver pack. However there are no additional tabs to allow me to create the team. The driver provider is stated as "Intel", driver date 2008/08/20, and the version is Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Configuring teams is still done the same way, so something has changed that is blocking the teaming tab from appearing.

The driver you are using is the latest driver. That driver has been around for years and is solid, so there will probably not be any updates. Intel(R) PROSet and the ANS driver used for teaming are continually updated to support newer adapters and the features in the newer adapters. Therefore, once you get this working, my advice is to never update the software for the Ethernet adapter again. The exception would be if you run into problems creating or configuring a team, then you might need to try an updated version of Intel PROSet and ANS to receive the latest bug fixes.

I am aware of three main reasons why the teaming tab might be missing. Hopefully one of these will apply to your situation.

Some software components might not be installed. Make sure in addition to the driver that Intel(R) PROSet and Advanced Network Services (ANS) are installed. You probably already have the components installed if you installed from the CD or one of our download packages. Version 14.7 is the latest download available, but the driver is not any newer than the one you have. If you reinstall the software make sure Intel PROSet and ANS are selected.

If something is stopping the Windows Management Instrumentation service or blocking the service from starting, then the tabs will not appear. See Intel® PROSet configuration tabs are missing for more information. Intel PROSet will attempt to start WMI when you open the adapter properties, but I have seen instances where something else on the computer blocked WMI from starting.

You might not see the tabs if your are logging into the server remotely instead of at the physical server. If that is the case for you, try to have someone check with a local login to see if the tabs are available. See Intel® PROSet for Device Manager tabs are not visible through terminal services for more information.

If the teaming tab used to be there until you upgraded the network connections software, you could always try going back to an older version. A zip file of the version 13.4 install CD is still available for download. That CD has the same driver you are using, but earlier versions of Intel PROSet and ANS. Uninstall any newer software you have installed before you try to install an older version.

I hope one of these ideas helps you track down why your teaming tab is missing. Please post back here about how any of these suggestions work out for you.

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