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What is the proper way to make performant HA networking with MFSYS25?


We have some MFSYS25 chassis with dual networking modules. A question has popped up - if we can create a LAG to a (single) external switch (Cisco 3750G or Cisco 2970G) using external ports of BOTH switch modules, to have increased bandwidth as well as redundancy? That is, while both modules work, the chassis would have 2Gbit bandwidth uplink; if one module is having problems or is being reset, the chassis has 1Gbit bandwidth...

So far we have different workloads spread over different VLANs, and by STP these are forwarded over one or another external port, as long as both uplinks work, or over one port if there is a problem with links. More or less both links are thus used, but unevenly (i.e. NAS VLAN has more traffic and would benefit from using a Jumbo LAG utilizing both uplinks).

Also, on the internal port side - is it possible to link-aggregate server modules' ethernet connections using both switch modules (via soldered and mezzanine ethernet ports), having both link redundancy and boosted bandwidth?



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You cannot create a LAG with one port of ESM1, and one port of ESM2.

There are some limited options available for the server ports - see

What kinds of teaming are supported?


Adapter Fault Tolerance and Adaptive Load Balancing are supported with a single switch. Switch Fault Tolerance is supported with dual switches and a mezzanine card, and is set via Device Manager or the NIC driver.
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