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Do MFSYS25 switch modules support a standard Bridge MIB (SNMP)?


I am trying to set up SNMP querying program SDIG (Switch digger, which should help find switch ports where a certain end-user MAC address is hosted. In case of our MFSYS25 setups there are MACs of physical server modules as well as those of virtual machines running on the server modules.

SDIG works by querying the SNMP standard Bridge MIB with information about the switch ports (speeds, descriptions, lists of MAC addresses, etc.), however I failed to find much information when querying the server control module. There are some responses, but for example the MAC list is very small, not even all server modules were listed.

Should the Bridge MIB information be expected to be available for both switch modules, perhaps at some other OID branch (not at standard Bridge MIB OID)?


//Jim Klimov

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I don't think there is anything configurable beyond Settings > SNMP >SNMP Options. Are you using v2, v3, or both?

Did you already pull the associated MIB file from the download package you're using? It should be in the

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