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[dpdk] frameloss when forwarding packets by dpdk



I use testcenter to test the performentance by using dpdk app testpmd on the platform of intel XEON E5-2650 v4 , it's a single socket platform.

The NIC is intel 82599 10GNIC with 2 ports.

The packet size is 64byte, and the testcenter uses two ports with 100%loading to transfer packets.

I think the intel platform has enough ability to transfer packet pattern (port1 to port2 and port2 to port1), but it still has frameloss.

When I use 2 10GNICs and each NIC I use one port,then using testcenter to transfer packet to the two ports, it almost hasn't frameloss .

So I don't know whether the NIC hasn't enough ability to transfer packet from NIC to PCIe path or the Intel platform hasn't enough ability to handle the packets from the two ports.

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Hello Vic_vw,



Thank you for posting in Intel Wired Ethernet Communities. Since you are encountering this issue while using DPDK please contact Intel Premier Support. Use "access and login" from the Intel Premier Support site.



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