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no connection when using static ip on a teamed dual 82575EB, DHCP is fine


I have 2 x Intel S5520HC mobo each with a dual port 82575EB 1000BT onboard NIC. One mobo is using Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and the other Windows 2012.

I team the NICs using "Static Link Aggregation". I can connect to my network as long as the team is set for DHCP.

When I attempt to set the team to a static IP address I can't connect to my network.


Setting a staitc IPs seems to work on PROWinx64.exe version 17 but not on 18.0 and 18.0.1

just before I posted this I saw this a similar issue from 2009.

/message/61068# 61068 61068

I will re-attempt the team and wait for a long time before setting the static ip and i'll see if it sticks.

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i recreated the team and set let it sit for over 10 minutes. both legs of the team were connected and they were using a dhcp address on the network. I could get to network resources and the internet.

I right clicked the "team# 0 nic" and set IPv4 propeties to a staitc IP on the network, they same way I'd do a non-teamed NIC. I lose connection to my network and the internet.

any ideas anyone? thanks

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i just wanted to bump this issue up again.

does anyone have any ideas about this? it is still happening and is causing a bit of confusion since the machine is a static test bed which had a specific static ip address for sometime, until now.

strange thing: when I have a static ip set for the team, microsoft's network and sharing center says the system is on a domain network but has no internet access. so I run microsoft network diagnostics to see what it suggests I fix, and it actually recommends enabling DHCP.

do teams need to be DHCP? or should there be no problems making a team a static ip address?

again static used to work OK on PROWinx64.exe version 17


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