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Data getting corrupted from memory mapped to stream bus in msgdma ip

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Need answer for this, its became severe issue for us.


The following picture is a signal tap output of msgdma ip which we used in MM-TO-ST mode where as the problem is that the data coming to mm_read bus is not matching with source_stream bus even after seeing in a byte swap way.




Things already taken care as follows:

  1. Ensured that there is no data in fifo cache of the ip.
  2. Clock is stable and with the same clock another msgdma ip with ST_TO_MM config used and there stream and memory mapped bus matching the data. attached the pictures of signal tap for reference.2019-07-19-150548-STDataMSGDMA_2.jpg2019-07-19-150458-MMDataMSGDMA_2.jpg
  3. Already one time deleted the ip which is misbehaving and created freshly to avoid the chances the files getting corrupted.


The following is the configuration of ip I usedAnnotation 2019-07-19 134525.jpg


My basic question is very simple why there is a chance for it to behave like that giving different data on stream than what it read.

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My apologies for the delayed first response, I got another SGDMA case that I mistaken it for this case.


The expected behavior by theory is the MM data should match the source. However, i noticed you have not checked the Packet Support Enable settings. Please try to Enable the Packet Support Enable settings and retest if the same issue is observed. Packetized transfer should ensure no additional bytes are written.




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