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How can I write to Custom IP register from C code?

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Hello all. I'm designing a custom IP that outputs simple number data in each cycle. 


The IP has both Avalon Slave Interface and Avalon Master Slave : 

The Master Interface is connected to On-Chip Memory's Avalon Slave Interface where I will store the output data in. 

The Slave Interface is connected to Nios2's Avalon Master Interface. 



Here, I want to write data into the custom IP, controlled on C code. I plan to use pointers like this : 


| volatile int * adr = (int *) (base address of custom IP); 

| adr = 0x00000001; 


I believe Nios2 Processor IP handles the Interface connections so that I can manage this on C code, right? 



I want to send the 32-bit data into the Custom IP, where it will store the data into it's register (reg). 

The data will be used to initiate the module - work as a 'start shotting numbers' register. 


What I just tried is doing it like : 


| // Avalon Slave // 

| output reg [31:0] s_rdata; 


| input s_read; 

| input s_write; 

| input [3:0] s_addr; //slave address 

| input [31:0] s_wdata; //slave writedata 


| reg [31:0] start; 



| always @(posedge clk) begin 

| start <= s_wdata; 

| end 


| (later check 'if(start<=32'b1)' to initiate the module's function) 


However, for some reason the data wasn't written into 'start' register. 




So the question here is : How can I write to the IP's register, from C code? 

I need to make the work of the IP software-controlled. 


Thank you.
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Refer below link 




Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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